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Bull sales

Annual herefords bull sale

Each year we host a bull sale here at Waikura Station. We aim to auction 30 - 40 rising two year old Hereford bulls.  Our bulls are backed by fertility testing and the Eastland Herefords Guarantee which is a 3 year structural guarantee.

We offer bulls with great temperament, solid constitution and robust EBV's. We are confident and proud of our bulls and trust that they will do the job for you.

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We welcome inspections of our bulls at anytime and if you would like to see firsthand where our bulls are bred and raised before the sale we'd love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.

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Breeding Programme

At Waikura Station we believe in farming profitably, environmentally, ethically and sustainably. Therefore our Hereford breeding program decisions must be aligned with these beliefs to ensure we achieve our goals.

The genetic decisions we make for our stud Hereford herd have the power to impact on all of these things in particular profitability.  To make the right genetic decisions we rely on our experience and stockmanship as well as objective tools.

The bulls we decide to use need to meet strict visual and measured criteria.  We take into account all the estimated breeding values (EBV's), family history and fertility testing information to make an informed decision.

We tend to use a lot of our own homebred bulls as we know we can reliably trust the information. We know that our bulls EBV's are generated using honest and accurate information gathered over its own and its families lives.

Weighing and tagging every stud calf when it is born means that we are gathering powerful information about that animal and it's parents.  This recording of information continues until the bulls are sold, ensuring that the published EBV's are generated by actual measurements and weights.

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EBV's are a function of genetics and environment, both playing a fundamental role in the performance of an individual animal.  To ensure that we satisfy both parts of the equation we manage our stud breeding cows alongside our commercial breeding cows in a hill country environment.  This commercial environment combined with a no second chances approach, gives us great confidence that our herd is exposed to very similar selection pressures as any other hill country station.

This long standing approach has naturally produced an efficient, productive and profitable herd backed by trusted genetics.